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6 Factors that Influence the Price of Cryptocurrencies

By Justin Chan / April 6, 2018

Given the massive and unpredictable volatility that cryptocurrencies have experienced ever since Bitcoin’s trading debut around nine years ago, one might be resigned to using mere guesswork to forecast the future direction of crypto prices. But it is possible to conduct a more scientific projection by being aware of several indicators and parameters that have […]


How Big Data is Disrupting the Financial Industry

By John DeCleene / March 28, 2018

The financial industry is experiencing a technological transformation like it has not seen since the emergence of the Internet. Mobile banking and payments, instant peer-to-peer money transfers via SMS, online peer-to-peer lending, robo-advice, AI-driven chatbots, and blockchain-based interbank payments – to name a few – are all financial innovations that have emerged in the last […]


How are Robo-Advisors Changing the Finance Industry?

By Justin Chan / March 27, 2018

The Terminator. Blade Runner. Transformers. The sci-fi genre is replete with the notion that robots will “take over the world”. But that’s just in the movies of course, it could never happen in real life…or could it? Well, although the chance of mechanised lumps of metal becoming our masters is slim, the investment world is […]


Three Reasons to Run Your Crypto-Business from Estonia

By Simone D. Casadei Bernardi / March 16, 2018

Just to be clear: to run a compliant crypto-business may be difficult. The law and regulations (in the countries where some kind of rules are applicable) are still evolving, and they are subject to amendments that may be significant, complicated and frequent. Hence, to identify the best jurisdiction in which starting (or moving to) a […]


How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Banking

By John DeCleene / February 23, 2018

Artificial intelligence is a field of computer science that focuses on making machines intelligent by developing computer programs that can replicate human intelligence to a certain degree and potentially beyond. This much talked about technology also has many possible applications within the financial industry. The four most prolific financial use cases for AI are in […]


What Does a Well-Diversified Digital Asset Portfolio Look Like?

By John DeCleene / February 5, 2018

In the light of the impressive cryptocurrency rally in the past eleven months, investors that have discovered bitcoin now also want to diversify into other promising digital assets that could potentially experience a similar exuberant price rally as bitcoin has had since its inception in 2009. However, structuring a digital asset portfolio – especially for […]


5 Apps Professional Crypto Traders Should Use

By John DeCleene / January 24, 2018

As the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies increases, so does the number of applications and software for professional cryptocurrency traders. If you are actively managing a crypto asset portfolio, you should make use of all the possible tools that are available to you. In this article, you will discover the five best apps for professional crypto […]


The 4 Hottest Trends in Fintech Right Now

By John DeCleene / December 15, 2017

The financial technology sector has been experiencing a boom in recent years as the next generation of tech-savvy consumers of financial services are starting to choose banking apps over visiting branches, are investing in cryptocurrencies instead of buying stocks, and are applying for loans on peer-to-peer lending platforms instead of at their banks. Consumer demand-driven […]


On The Perils Of Passive Investments

By Justin Chan / October 11, 2017

Weapons of mass destruction. “But what have WMDs got to do with passive investing?” you might ask. Well that’s exactly how exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – the most common type of passive investment instrument – were described by some fund managers earlier this year. According to Arik Ahitov and Dennis Bryan who run the $800 million fund […]


A New Breed of Hedge Funds May Push Bitcoin to New Highs

By Justin Chan / October 8, 2017

The price of bitcoin has rallied by over 400 percent since the start of the year to hit an all-time high of over $5,000 in early September, while the price of one bitcoin started out at less than $0.01 only eight years ago. These exuberant returns have not gone unnoticed by the institutional investment community. […]