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How to Not Be Creepy While Using Employee Data in Workforce Management

By Mona Sabet / June 11, 2018

Tech companies (ab)using personal data is today’s 1984. And while Facebook is at the forefront of our outrage, a growing industry in the HR Tech space is also experiencing challenges overcoming the creepiness factor of mining all our interactions at work. HR Tech Over the past years, there has been a minor explosion of startups […]


How to launch a FinTech in the home of FinTech (London)

By Daniel Tammas-Hastings / May 30, 2018

Traditional finance careers seem to be in ever-shorter supply whilst alternative finance gets more and more interesting. As a result, FinTech is looking more and more compelling. So, if you have an Altfi (alternative finance) concept, or a unique skillset and a desire to change the world, then we’re here to help. We ask how […]


5 Popular Technologies from the World of RegTech

By John DeCleene / April 27, 2018

It’s becoming clear these days that a sizeable chunk of the most disruptive innovations being applied within the financial sphere is coming from RegTech. As we mentioned in our previous article, demand for RegTech solutions is expected to skyrocket, as firms intensify their search for ways to effectively deal with the increasingly labyrinthine demands from […]


The Compliance Revolution: An Introduction to RegTech

By Justin Chan / April 26, 2018

The FinTech boom continues to gather steam. We are now observing some fairly seismic transformations taking place across virtually the entire cross section of the finance industry, as machine learning, blockchain, big data and many more innovations disrupt incumbent IT infrastructure that’s associated with increasingly antiquated business models. What’s more, this disruption even extends to […]

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