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Big Tech is Sorry!

By Ayse Kok / June 17, 2018

Big Tech is sorry. After decades of rarely apologizing for anything, Silicon Valley suddenly seems to be apologizing for everything. They are sorry about the trolls. They are sorry about the bots. They are sorry about the fake news and the Russians. Yet, they are especially sorry about our brains. Internet anxiety is nothing new. Amid rising […]


The Clash of Automatons

By Ayse Kok / June 13, 2018

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to progress and businesses across the globe benefit from its capabilities, it’s important to ensure that the technology is being harnessed for good, to create a better, fairer society. AI systems are already superior to humans in certain tasks such as image recognition, data analysis and problem-solving tasks. These advances […]


How to Not Be Creepy While Using Employee Data in Workforce Management

By Mona Sabet / June 11, 2018

Tech companies (ab)using personal data is today’s 1984. And while Facebook is at the forefront of our outrage, a growing industry in the HR Tech space is also experiencing challenges overcoming the creepiness factor of mining all our interactions at work. HR Tech Over the past years, there has been a minor explosion of startups […]


An Introduction to Hadoop for Noobs

By John DeCleene / June 8, 2018

The client-server model transformed the data industry because it helped break apart overloaded systems, however, client-server models of the 1980s wouldn’t be able to handle the processing required for big data. Along Comes Google.  As an answer to some of the biggest limitations of early client-server models, such as long processing time, frequent system overload, […]


The Geometry of the Digital Space

By Ayse Kok / June 7, 2018

Data science provides huge opportunities to improve private and public life, as well as our environment (consider the development of smart cities or the problems caused by carbon emissions). Unfortunately, such opportunities are also coupled to significant ethical challenges. The extensive use of increasingly more data — often personal, if not sensitive (big data) — and the growing reliance […]


5 Things Every Developer Must Know about Intellectual Property Rights

By John DeCleene / May 17, 2018

Anyone involved in software development today must have a keen understanding of the ins and outs of intellectual property rights, including copyright laws and patent development. But the area is so vast that it can be difficult to narrow down the most important points to start with. Here we’ll outline five key areas that developers […]

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