Why do rich people always say ‘money can’t buy happiness’?

I’ve been told a few times in my life, “money can’t buy happiness”.

Being completely honest, I used to hate being told that.

Because “Money” meant “Security and “Security” meant “Stability”.

It’s just that it took me a while to understand why only “Rich” people always told me that.

Was it because they were trying to keep me down? No.

Was it because they were trying to be modest? Maybe.

Was it because they “Rich” and know what it feels like to have wealth? Yes.

The point was never “Money can’t buy happiness”, it was “It can’t sustain it”.

I’m quite lucky, to have reached a point in my life where I have enough that I can be happy.

I’m grateful enough to have a family that’s wise enough to remind me, I don’t need too much of it.

I look back at all the people that have fallen from grace and wonder how many of them could truly be saved by their “Money”.

Did “Money” save Harvey Weinstein?

Did “Money” save Bill Cosby?

Did “Money” save Bernie Madoff?

It did save Dave Chappelle though, did it not? When he walked away from “$50 Million”.

With wealth, comes insecurity, comes paranoia, comes the sycophants.

You lose sight of who you can trust, and who’s going to be there when it all falls apart.

But what about the ones that do get away with doing things that are horrible and ugly, why do they not get justice?

— Trust me when I say this, they do. They’re just really good at hiding it.

How do I know this?

— I talk to them on a daily basis.

As repulsive as it may sound, in my profession, I have to deal with people with high egos and extreme wealth; it requires me to also be a shoulder my clients can cry on.

I’ve never made it a mystery that I don’t see them for what they are, I don’t condone their behaviour or suffering.

I’m just a researcher who happens to be the shoulder wealthy people find compassion in.

Whilst, a certain degree is wealth is necessary for survival; too much of it can be cancerous.

I’ve witnessed people who started off with chasing their dreams, achieved them, forgot where they came from, forgot why they were chasing their dreams in the first place, fell from grace, and weren’t ready to fall lower than where they started from.

It’s a sad story, but one that needs to be reminded too often.

Ask yourself, every once in a while;

What do I have to be grateful for?

What have I achieved so far?

But most importantly, why am I chasing my dream and what will I do once I do achieve it?

— Remember to remain humble and grateful, when you do.

P.S. Happy Mental Health Awareness week, so give your mates a call or help a stranger and ask them how they’re doing! It’ll bring them great joy, and you too. It won’t cost much and trust me the Cost/Benefit ratio pays off.


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