Curating good content is not easy. It take a lot of time, effort & searching different sources to bring quality content which has educational value too. I do this on a daily basis on Twitter. For my Medium followers & readership, I have decided to review the previous weeks’ posts from Twitter, find out the best of the best & bring it you here. Hope you learn, enjoy & get something out of it. The most popular post this week was “6 Digital Trends to accelerate business transformation in 2019” & personally my favorite was the “Japan developing Robots to help its Elderly.” You can follow me on twitter @fklivestolearn for daily updates on a wide range of topics. Stay hungry, be a Life Long Learner!

How Blockchain is adding Value to Businesses

Interpreting Artificial Intelligence – an alternative view

Equipping ourselves with Digital Intelligence – improving your digital IQ

Periodic Table of Investments

A useful infographic on how Japan is developing & using Robots to care for its elderly

World’s most innovative companies spending the most on Research & Development

30 suggested Books every Techie should read

This is how Cognitive Computing is disrupting the Future

What is Internet of Things & how are marketers leveraging it

How to recognize & avoid Phishing attacks

Six digital trends that will accelerate the business transformation in 2019

Web 3.0 – A quick look at the Decentralized World

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