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Five Rules for creating exceptional Content & more…


And here it is… another weekly edition of content that matters. Technology, Finance, Work place, Productivity & more. Follow me @fklivestolearn for more!

  1. Key features of Blockchain technology*
  2. How to build Personal Resilience
  3. Macro technological forces: Evolution & Synergy
  4. 12 Steps to Social media Marketing success
  5. Industry 4.0: The Digital Transformation
  6. 5 Hidden Ways Globalization is changing
  7. The best books for aspiring Data Scientists
  8. 6 Types of Bosses & how to work for them
  9. Seven Facts about Data-driven Innovation
  10. How Biotechnology is improving the human body
  11. How Productivity Works
  12. Five terms you need to know about 5G
  13. Five Rules for creating exceptional Content**
  14. Applications of AI in Healthcare
  15. How startup Funding works
  16. Introvert’s Guide to Job Interviews
  17. IoT enabling connected living Smart Cities
  18. What is a Chatbot: purpose, examples & future
  19. Emotional Agility in the work place
  20. The Smart watch that never needs charging

* Most popular infographic on my twitter feed last week

** My personal favorite for the week

The 5 Hidden Ways That Globalization is Changing

Blockchain technology

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