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Design Thinking humanizes Data Science & more…


Without wasting too much time… here is a list of the most informative Infographics from my Twitter feed last week. Enjoy the Learning! For a daily dose on Technology, Finance, Work place, Productivity & more. Follow me @fklivestolearn.

  1. Why Healthcare needs Blockchain
  2. Applications of AI in Marketing
  3. S.A.D Tech: Beating your Winter Blues
  4. Five essentials of Intelligent Operations
  5. The 5G Ecosystem
  6. What is E-waste: its generation, flows & future
  7. Outline of a Circular Economy**
  8. Design Thinking humanizes Data Science*
  9. The Phillips future Health Index
  10. Key Technologies support a robust S&OP process
  11. Four trends that will shape Digital Marketing
  12. A few examples emerging Edge AI applications
  13. What is the difference between Machine Learning, Big Data & Data Science
  14. The savvy Marketer’s guide to IGTV
  15. DO’s & DON’TS of Ransomware
  16. Blockchain Transformation Playbook
  17. Top emerging & declining Jobs in U.S
  18. The AI Wheel
  19. Six step strategy to Content Marketing
  20. Top Scala/R/Python libraries in Data Science
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*Most popular infographic of the week

** My Personal favorite of the week


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