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20 Digital Marketing Trends & Techniques to watch out for in 2019


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  1. Six Recruitment trends that will dominate 2019 & beyond
  2. How to flourish in the fourth Industrial Revolution
  3. Eight things you should not share on Social Media
  4. Ten Major Google Algorithm Updates
  5. Mastering the Role of Leader
  6.  AI will improve the Software development life cycle*
  7. Where in the World is (isn’t) your Privacy protected
  8. Three dimensions of Skills development
  9. Empowering your business via Content Intelligence
  10. Twenty Digital Marketing Trends & techniques to watch out for in 2019**
  11. Data Science Life Cycle
  12. Types of Artificial Intelligence
  13. Using Blockchain for Healthcare
  14. Motorways of a Renewable & Sustainable Future
  15. Three Stages of creating SMART
  16. Physical-to-Digital-to-Physical loop[ & related technologies
  17. Understanding AI inspired Smart things
  18. Twelve ways Music makes your more Productive at Work
  19. The INS & OUTS of Computer Aided Manufacturing
  20. How Internet of Things is transforming the Future
  21. How we will build & operate Data centers in the Future
  22. Your Digital Marketing Map
  23. IEEE standards helping enable Smart City technologies for humanity

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** My Personal favorite of the week


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