Software Development Process: How to Pick The Right Process?

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Software are the lifelines of the organizational success of any business. Without the assistance of software, a business will certainly fall into a multitude of fault lines and collapse.

Also, when it comes down to viability as well as the accountability of a company’s organizational framework, its software inventory plays a crucial role.

At present, software infrastructure is becoming the most essential and valuable asset for a wide range of brands pertaining to different industries.

The overall increasing importance of the software in the entire ecosystem of enterprises has certainly given rise to an unthinkable variety of choices in the different phases of web, app and software product development.

Today, there is certainly a greater need to make insightful and decisive actions concerning every minute detail of web and app along with software development.

These actions or decisions comprises of the choices of features and functionalities, along with the entire software development life cycle or the SDLC model selected along with the criteria of hiring custom software development company.

If any wrong choices are duly made in any of these vital aspects can certainly lead to dissatisfied customers, and employees delayed deliveries and can become a gigantic disaster.

Choosing the right software development process can certainly make a huge difference in the eventual success or failure of the software development project.

Hence, here we discuss the right process to pick the software development process.

Software Development Life Cycles

Before we start with the process of choosing a software development process, we should take an overview of the most widely and commonly used software development process.

  • Waterfall Model
  • The Iterative Model
  • Agile

Waterfall Model

It is the oldest software development process model or a life cycle model. It is a conventional and traditional technique which has proven numerous times to be a quite highly-effective method.


It refers to a development model with clearly and distinctly defined sequential phases along with the phase objectives. It needs intermediate reviews of the entire work in progress in order to make sure that all of the requirements for every phase are met completely before the next phase comes into action.

The Iterative Model

This method approaches the entire software development entirely on an incremental basis. It actually starts with a partially completed software product and then integrates more features in gradual fashion until it develops the complete software product.

With this particular approach, the method allows for much greater flexibility in the entire software development process compared to the waterfall process, since it makes it quite easier for the integration of a variety of new functions as well as the implementation of changes.

Also, in subsequent integrations, a custom software developer can easily implement different improvements to the past iterations.


It draws from the previously mentioned iterative method in order to cater to the requirements generated by the swift progressions occurring due to the internet.

In this particular method, the progress is duly accomplished in bits as well as stages similar to the iteration model.

The main difference among them is that progress occurs much faster in Agile. It completely expedites time-frames from months to a few weeks. It has certainly become quite popular owing to these characteristics.

It even enhances flexibility and collaboration in the entire software development process, and this assists software development companies to handle changes to particular standards as well as the particular requirements of the development with much more effectiveness and greater versatility.

Now, let’s have a look at the core issue of this article, how to pick the right software development process. Considering the above software development methods, we can find which one is suited to what type of scenarios with their corresponding requirements and conditions.

custom website development company should follow these tips to speed up development without getting bogged down in errors and issues.

These tips will also help in choosing the best software development process and expedite the same.

Tips to Pick Right Software Development Process

  1. Find out the level of Flexibility of Software Requirements
  2. Clearly Define the End-Users
  3. Considering Scope and Scale of Software Development
  4. Determine Development Speed which suits Best
  5. Consider the Location of Development team
  6. Hire Best Developers

Find out the level of Flexibility of Software Requirements

You have to consider the overall flexibility of the specification of the software before choosing a software development process.

Both Iterative and Agile methods are well-suited for software product development in which different changes are often frequently introduced as the development progresses.

The waterfall method is ideal for a classic custom software development where stability, along with predictability in the different developmental phases are preeminent.

Clearly Define the End-Users

In case you are targeting a particular controlled group of end-users then you will most probably have a fixed set of requirements to develop with, and this would certainly make the waterfall method best-suited for software product development.

But in case you are targeting end-users who are dispersed, then you will certainly have to deal with a massive volume of feedbacks after the software launch requesting the imminent inclusion of latest and new features.

Hence Iteration or Agile methods would certainly be the better software development process models in this particular case.

Considering Scope and Scale of Software Development

The entire scale of the software development project determines the actual number of custom software developers required to handle it.

The larger a particular project is, the larger will be the size of the entire development team.

Therefore, in the case of larger projects, it requires much more extensively elaborated and orderly project management plans. Also, in these cases, the waterfall model is the best choice.

Determine Development Speed which suits Best

For the development which unfolds through sprints, the iterative and agile methods are certainly the best since they facilitate the complete release of a partially completed system in order to generate a good impression of swift progression.

But in case the time frame for software development is actually long-term, and there aren’t any fast-approaching deadlines, then the waterfall method is best-suited for this type of development.

Consider the Location of Development team

In case the custom software developers are across the map, in that case, there will certainly be a much greater need for impeccable coordination, intense coherence and immense accountability.

In this case, a much more rigid software development management regime is perfectly suited, and in this case waterfall model fits the bill.

Agile generally needs much more frequent and lengthy contact as well as closely-knit teams.

A dispersed custom software developer might have to deal with a wide range of missteps and massive confusion in the entire development process in case Agile is chosen as the software development process.

Hire Best Developers

The entire team of developer you need to hire can easily make or even break the effectiveness of the software development process you have chosen for the development of your software.

Hence you should hire the best developers for development. Here are some tips on how to choose and hire the best developers.

  • Analyse the Track Record
  • Considering the Team Size of Developers
  • Find out Project Management Processes and Development Methodologies
  • Consider the Developers’ Location
  • Investigate about Test Cycles

Analyse the Track Record

The custom software development company for your project needs to have a proven record of reliable and successful development of projects similar to yours. You should read their client reviews, and check which one has achieved flying recommendations.

Considering the Team Size of Developers

Before you choose a development company, it is quite important to actually find out if they can easily assign the right and capable developers to your project and in sufficient number, as per your budget as well as time-frame.

Find out Project Management Processes and Development Methodologies

When you select a development company, you should inquire about their different project management process as well as development methodologies, and check if it matches your requirement. It should be able to demonstrate its sufficient proficiency in the management of the projects such as yours.

Consider the Developers’ Location

Outsourcing your software product development work to a remote development company can certainly make for a cost-effective choice in the entire development process. Whenever choosing this particular options, make sure that you are aware of the time planning, such that you can clearly understand the irregular times which your developers will be working at the project in comparison to you.

Investigate about Test Cycles

You should have a clear understanding of the entire testing methodologies as well as quality control measures of the developers of custom website development company you hire.


Software have become a crucial aspect of every business. They are required for streamlined business processes and seamless operations.

In order to mitigate the issues faced by a company, it should pursue custom software development. However, to develop your software product, you need to make the correct decisions regarding the software development process, which are right from the outset.

With the above-mentioned tips, you will be quite able to choose the best custom software development company to hire along with the right choice of the software development process as well as other key and crucial aspects of the software development process.

Different scenarios are discussed, and we have given a detailed explanation over choosing a particular software development method for a particular scenario.

Also, the tips for hiring the best developers for your software development have been highlighted at the end, which will aid you in choosing the right developers for your project.

Tarun Nagar Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking custom software development company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

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