Why Encryption is Critical to Everyday Life?

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You type in passwords almost every single day, the most basic form of encryption used in your life. Yet the question remains: how safe is that password? Well if you happen to use a password that can be obtained from social engineering, such as the name of your dog with some numbers at the end, then it’s not very safe at all. One of the world’s strongest passwords are AES-256 bit encrypted passwords and look like this: 4986DE8C6B2C0407EBB8832784DED21B0461521CD4E7FD4B (This translates to: DDIIsTheBest). According to CNN, the world’s most common password in 2019 was 123456 (I’m not kidding). The reality is…...

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Jos de Kanter J.S. is a Cyber Security bachelors student at Miami-Dade College in Florida, USA. He's fluent in Python and C++ coding languages. Having access to Windows 98 as a child with dial-up connection, J.S. took an early interest in the world of computers and their vulnerabilities. His goal as a contributor for DDI is to inform the public of how they can improve their cyber security in everyday life. J.S. is currently taking his CompTIA Security+, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and CompTIA Network+ courses for his degree to bolster his knowledge in the world of cyber security. Jos is also a FAA Part 107 commercially licensed drone pilot and flies a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise.