A Novel Economic System To Respond To The Novel Coronavirus?

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Economics is not governed by laws of nature or the physical universe but rather by rules created by human beings to organise their lives. It is an emergent system not directly constrained by base reality. So while a farmer’s productivity is limited by nature and his ability to tame the natural world to his purpose, contemporary economic systems in our society are driven in large measure by human emotions & incentives and our ability to align them to some agreed social goal. Economics- an emergent system Scientists working on developing vaccines for Covid19 are tinkering with constraints imposed by nature…...

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anuj.kapoor Anuj is Founding Director @ greenpeople.earth (ilistu Limited UK) and Five Benches Promotions & Advisory Services. He works on product origination and design. He has helped set up and invested in start-up companies. Prior to founding these organisations, Anuj worked as Resident Vice President at Citigroup’s EMEA Treasury in London and in Asset Management at EFG UK. He writes about product development and use cases for ICTs in economics and society. He received an MSc from the London School of Economics and an MBA from IIM C.