The Problem and Opportunity of Organizational Debt

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What is ‘Organizational (Org.) Debt’? As a rule, startups and companies in hypergrowth have two traits in common – high ambiguity and a fast pace. These are true regardless of product or industry category. While these traits affect all aspects of running a company – business strategy, commercial plan, product roadmap – it is most acutely felt in organizational/people issues – hiring, rewards, promotions, development etc. This is because once a startup reaches product-market fit, or when the company is ready to expand to multiple markets/geographies, reacting to customer or product issues takes precedence over everything else. It leaves very…...

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Bharath Jayaraman Bharath Jayaraman is an Organizational and People leader with over 16 years of experience working for large, high bar tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook as well as with hypergrowth, innovative tech startups. His experience included working with leaders and founders across North America, Europe and APAC to seed, grow and scale high performing teams. Bharath is passionate about helping leaders make good people decisions every day and believes that all people mechanisms can and should be measurable to generate insights that drive business decisions at scale.