The use of digital technology has soared over the years. And with the emergence of the coronavirus, more people have moved to the digital space than ever before. Considering how almost everyone now is using digital technology in their daily lives, it has become really important to equip yourself with the knowledge of cybercrime.

You should know that the numbers of hackers have doubled in recent times and they are using extremely sophisticated ways to steal your data. So, what should you do? Well, one tip is to secure your system with antivirus software. This is what I did when I subscribed to the Spectrum WiFi plans. It helps me ensure that my data is protected.

When relying on digital technology, one thing that you need to be mindful of is cyberstalking. But what is it? Well, much like stalking, it is intended to harass, threaten, and embarrass others with the help of tech. The technology used by cyberstalkers can be anything from email to social media. During the past decade, the cases of cyberstalking have risen tremendously and the reason why it is dangerous is that the stalkers have a lot of personal information about their victims. They could have gotten this information easily from various social media platforms.

Cyberstalking can be harmful, and its threats may include sexual extortion, sexual harassment, and ruining a person’s reputation. Since everybody is using the internet to do various activities such as attending a class, cyberbullies can easily make anyone a target and harass them.

Note: A 2016 Vice report found that the monthly sales of FlexiSpy’s tracking software products exceeded $400,000, which means that in a year, this company alone may have more than 100,000 new tracking software victims. An advanced mobile app development company in NYC may help you or your friends get rid of potentially dangerous situations in the future.

Now that you are aware of cyberstalking, let’s look at how you can avoid becoming a victim.

Everyone uses social media to connect with each other. However, most of the time, people provide way too much personal information about themselves which gives cyberbullies a perfect opportunity to make them their targets. Hence, it is essential for you to adjust your online privacy settings. You can also try googling your name along with the city and state that you are from to see if anything shows up. This is the best way to know which private information regarding you is available on the web.

This tip is also regarding social media. If you are on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, then chances are that you might have received a friend request from a stranger. And if you have then it is advised never to accept them! You don’t know who is sitting behind the computer.

The individual may not be who they seem. For instance, a male can act as if she is a female to lure you into their trap. And once they have your trust, they will show you their real face by harming you whether it be stealing your data or simply bullying you on the internet.

This tip is really important but often gets overlooked. You have to make a habit of changing your passwords often. This is because hackers have become quite smart and they can easily figure out your password if you don’t update it frequently. Also, while creating a password, make sure to make it as complex as possible.

One way you can do it is to include special characters, numerical digits, and a combination of upper-and-lower case letters. For more protection, consider opting for an email provider’s two-factor authentication.

You have to take every possible step to secure your computer and smartphone. After all, these are two devices where you usually store most of your personal data. And if it gets into the wrong hands then they can easily cyberstalk you. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the following suggestions.

  • Install antivirus software on both your smartphone and computer. This tool will help you get rid of all the viruses and spyware.
  • Always cover your webcam when you are not using it. Why? Well, as stated earlier, hackers have become sophisticated with their ways of attacking people. This means that they can easily corrupt your webcam to know about your identity.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi at all costs. And if it is really urgent for you to use it then avoid sending your personal information to anyone.

Now, updating your software might be the last thing you think about when it comes to preventing yourself from being cyberstalked. However, you must understand how important it is to update your software frequently.

After all, doing it will prevent your information from getting leaked. Software developers are always trying their best to push out updates as fast as they can so it may patch security vulnerabilities in order to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. Therefore, it is necessary for you to install updates as soon as they become available.

There are some services and applications which may reveal your IP address to the person with whom you are communicating. This is really dangerous and can give a cyberstalker a perfect opportunity to steal your data. They might even go as far as to track your location.


Well, let’s suppose your IP address is mentioned in the internet bill that is sent to your home. And you pay the dues with a credit card. Cyberstalkers will easily be able to note your IP address and then they can use it to figure out your credit card data which will eventually lead them to find your physical address.

So, what should you do to hide your IP address? Well, you can consider using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Using it will conceal your IP address and will replace it with a location of your choosing. This way, the cyberstalker will never be able to find your real location and you will stay safe.

This cannot be stressed enough. Yet, there are some people who don’t get the consequences of sharing their personal information. You must realize just how dangerous it could be if you do that. It will be like inviting a cyberstalk to attack you.

So, it is recommended not to share your private information on social media or elsewhere. Also, it is highly advised not to give in your personal information when filling out an online questionnaire or submitting applications for free coupons. This will increase the likelihood of someone getting their hands on your personal data which they can use to cyberstalk you.

This is quite important as it will give you some peace of mind. You can start with your social media and identify who can see your profile. Also, you should take a look at the privacy settings whenever the app gets updated so you can use the new features without any worries. You can even take this one step further and decide who can message you while on digital hygiene.

People should be really careful when using digital technology. At the same time, they should try to conceal their private information when online to the best of their efforts. It will only save them from cyberbullies, hackers, and other malicious individuals. You can take the above-mentioned tips into account the next time you use your system to get online. This will help you surf securely on the web.


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