David Koff

  David Koff has had a successful and incredibly fun dual-track career in both technology and the arts for about 25 years. He's got a love for the analytical side of technology from coding to problem-solving. He's also an accomplished performer and teacher of improvisation, a life skill that he believes all humans should study for some amount of time.


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Anatomy of a Phishing Scam, Part II: Phishing via Text Messages

In Part I of this topic, I explored how the process of an email phishing scam works and the processes and tools you can...
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Anatomy of a Phishing Scam

Avoid Being Tricked By The Automated Army Of Hackers Part I: Identifying the Problem “Phishing” is the practice of fooling unsuspecting people into voluntarily giving...
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The Most Common Vulnerability Of All

Rethinking Email for Privacy and Security Most of the people I know in the world of cybersecurity rightly focus on deeply entrenched matters: server virtualization...
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