Lawrence Lee

  Lawrence has 10 years’ experience in Investments, as a Portfolio Manager with Societe Generale and Investment Analyst with Swiss Bank Corp. He believes that too many investment decisions are made with subjective thinking and gut feel because the investor is not trained to do analysis. That is why he set up ProThinker so that with the right tools, even an untrained investor can “think like a Pro instantly”. To achieve this, he created financial models that automatically download price data, accounting data, analyst estimates, etc. in order to study a stock’s past valuation history using multiple valuation indicators and then arrive at a target price taking all this information into account as well as the company’s financial condition, future growth, quality of earnings, etc. Lawrence can be reached at [email protected]


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Sany Heavy Industry – Beneficiary of China’s strong infrastructure spending

Main Points Sany Heavy Industry is a major producer of construction equipment. It is expected to surpass Caterpillar in global sales for excavators for...
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SUMCO Corporation: Reasonable valuation despite strong growth prospects

Main Points Earnings growth is strong and the semiconductor industry remains healthy with strong demand and prices Attractive valuations despite strong growth Greatly improved...
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Which valuation indicator to use – let the data decide

Summary There are many valuation indicators available to value stocks Different indicators give widely differing valuation numbers making it difficult for investors to come...
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