Data Science

5 Powerful Ways to Increase Sales by Leveraging Data Effectively

If you’re interested in increasing sales, utilizing the power of data could be the right move. Here are 5 ways to...
Lauren Williams
3 min read

CatalyzeX: A must-have browser extension for machine learning engineers and researchers

A FREE browser extension that finds code implementations for ML/AI papers anywhere on the internet (Google, Arxiv, Twitter, Scholar, and other...
Himanshu Ragtah
1 min read

Alpha Fold and GPT – How Radical Technology Disruptions Will Affect Our Future

In 2019, I wrote about the top 10 people you need to follow if you care about AI.  Recently, two institutions...
Mike Hassaballa
4 min read

Keeping mHealth Apps Secure: What Developers Can Do to Keep User Data Private in the Age of COVID and Telemedicine

Former hacker and cybersecurity expert Alissa Knight talks about her latest research on vulnerabilities in data privacy for the telemedicine and...
Dara Tarkowski
4 min read

Why We Invested In FidoCure aka How Tech Can Help Save Dogs (And Eventually Humans) From Cancer

In October FidoCure, also known as One Health Company, announced a $10M series A led by Polaris Ventures and we increased...
Amit Garg
2 min read

Act Local

How climate risk intelligence can enable sustainable action at the local level As discussed in our last post, climate risk intelligence is what...
Gopal Erinjippurath
3 min read

How to Build a Twitter Scraping App with Python

A simple Python app that can give you valuable insights into just about any topic you can think of With about 6,000...
Graham Sahagian
3 min read

It matters when it’s in your backyard

Climate risk intelligence to inform location-specific physical risk now and in the future. For decades, scientists have warned about the increase...
Gopal Erinjippurath
4 min read

Is Our House On Fire?

Exploring Future Scenarios with the Changing Climate The growing number of high-intensity acute physical hazards like wildfires and floods have been...
Gopal Erinjippurath
7 min read

Data Apocalypse Later

“Experience as a whole is not something that anyone can be spared”. — Hans-Georg Gadamer Data Driven is a Car Crash?...
Peter Stannack
6 min read

Five Financial Applications Of Natural Language Processing

The last five years have been revolutionary for the field of natural language processing. We went from glorified ctrl-f to a...
Tal Perry
3 min read

A College Student Used A Language Generating AI Tool To Create A Viral Blog Post

What does GPT-3 mean for the future of writers? As writers, we like to tell ourselves that we’re in a profession...
Janice Bae
3 min read