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White Label Software Examples  

Veronika Kostenko
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Have you ever noticed that stores of mass-market brands sometimes have identical clothes with different tags on them? Maybe that happens accidentally, but it shows how white label production works. And this is a common practice applied not only to clothes. 

What Is White Label Software?

 White label software products are websites, programs, or any other IT solutions offered customers by a reseller after rebranding. A white label product is a product or service created by one company and sold by another company under its brand. A producing company makes something, and marketers rebrand this product to make it appear as if they had made it.

So, What Does It Mean To Resell A White Label? 

To resell a white label means to buy a white label solution, then brand it as your product, and after that to sell to customers. It doesn’t mean that you are free to rebrand any product you like after purchasing a license. It is a legal business only if you choose a partner who agrees to work on such terms.

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