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FotoJet Plus Giveaway  

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Recently, we are working together with our partner PearlMountain to host a giveaway for one of their most popular web app FotoJet. Anyone interested could take a look and join in this giveaway.


Overview of FotoJet

FotoJet is a free online collage maker, graphic designer and photo editor tool where you can create beautiful photo collages, posters, YouTube channel arts, and editing your photo in minutes! It's developed by PearlMountain Limited, a dedicated graphics software developer with their finger on the pulse of what their customers old and new are looking for. From the very beginning, PearlMountain Limited has proudly brought many powerful, and easy to use photo editing tools to users worldwide. Besides FotoJet, one of its most popular product is FlexClip video maker. I’ll talk about this amazing tool later in this article.


Whats the Differences between Basic FotoJet (Free) and FotoJet Plus?

FotoJet is a freemium online service with Monthly and Annually subscription. With FotoJet Plus, you can enjoy all the resources and features in FotoJet. Here are the features which can’t be found in its Basic Plan.

  1. All advanced editing toolswith crown icons.  
  2. Custom canvas size.
  3. Online project storage.
  4. 500MB of storage spacefor online photo storage.
  5. 800+ premium templates.
  6. 30+ premium fonts.
  7. 20+ premium photo effects.
  8. 300+ premium clipart images.
  9. 30+ premium shapes.
  10. 30+ premium overlays.
  11. 20+ premium frames.
  12. Full editing areas without any ads.
  13. Priority support service.
  14. All new content in future updateswhile the Basic can only get the basic update.


The Basic Plan of FotoJet is free and the Plus Plan can be subscribed at $39.99USD annually or at $6.99USD monthly.


How many lucky users for this giveaway?

Thanks to our partner that we can give 5 FotoJet Plus for one year to you for free now. This giveaway will be valid before next month September 1, 2019. Grab this chance!  


How to get an plus account for free?

If you are interested in getting a plus account for FotoJet, please leave comment and tell me the email address linked to your FotoJet account. We’ll then send this info to our partner and they will upgrade it for your then.  


What's more about this company  

PearlMountain Limited, has focused on the research and development of Graphics & Multimedia software since 2006. It aims to make professional graphic design and video production capability accessible to everyone. Our products have millions of users spreading over 100 countries and areas.


Here I'll tell you another most amazing tool powered by this company. It is FlexClip video maker. It also lets you create movies and slideshows with your own videos and photos in minutes. Some of its key features:


* Easy to use and clean storyboard.

* A large number of stock images, videos and musics.

* Many stunning video templates to boost your creativity.

* Support many photo and video formats.

* Flexible editing features like trim, split, add text(animations), music, watermark, etc.

* Export videos with high resolutions.


I share this freemium app with you because I think this is also interesting and practical tool for your to make videos for both commercial use and personal use. Wish you love it as well.