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Always Choosing The Scenic Route  

Adam Tabriz, MD
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At the first glance and a few words into reading the story, I had no doubt that I could agree with the end of the  story. The best real-time example of such notion applicable is the current venture capital investment and entrepreneurship  landscape. The majority of healthcare innovations are strategized towards short, fast, piecemeal solutions that end in maximal ROI but their failure to be interoperable and work as a single unit is very much overlooked. Hence the secret to solve this problem is within the more challenging journey that is slower but much rewarding.

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Michael Woronko
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Thanks for that insightful comment Adam - it was a pleasure to see the article applied to a context framed on investment and entrepreneurial ambition. I've come to learn, more and more, that the journey is the important facet of any undertaking - that's where the learning experience stems from, where knowledge is rooted and where our appreciation blooms.

The more foresight we operate with, the more patience we possess. With respect to investing, it's really difficult to not follow up on a recent purchase day to day or week to week when our plans for profit, in actuality, may be grounded in years. Any new innovation or new strategy sadly  demands immediate results rather than slow and longterm observation + response. We're impatient by design but can certainly amend that with self-awareness. 

Thanks again for your input - glad to see it open up a new aspect and application that I didn't previously consider.