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Lumi Wallet  

Alex Meier
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Lumi Wallet is not just a blockchain wallet for your crypto - it is a growing ecosystem that strives to support all main platforms out there and make user experience with cryptocurrencies as smooth as possible. Its design is friendly to new users, without sacrificing functionality. It supports plenty of blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and many popular ERC20 tokens, and it continues to grow its base. It does not require users to register any personal data and it is soon-to-be open source - with the only goal being reaching maximum transparency with its users.


Lumi's in-wallet integrations allow for the exchanging of crypto, the checking of price charts for coins, and the surfing of ETH-based dapps on a built-in browser without leaving the wallet. Lumi also has two supporting products: Lumi Collect for the storage of items collected in Dapp games, and Lumi Web wallet for users that prefer interacting with crypto on a desktop.


Since the year 2017 when the wallet was released, Lumi's team has constantly engaged in a feedback loop with its users, improving the wallet and adding new functionality. You can check the roadmap for 2019, which includes full EOS integration, fiat exchanging, and going open-source.


The wallet is free, without any extra fees and subscriptions, so if you want to try a new level of comfort in the crypto space - stop switching between those 10 tabs and embrace Lumi Wallet on IOS, Android, or Web.


And, by the way, we have a lively blog and are active on social media - so if you want to explore an emerging industry with us, don't hesitate to subscribe and follow.