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Tool for Machine Learning researchers and engineers  

Arip Asadulaev
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I am Arip Asadulaev, Machine Learning researcher from ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  
The last six months I have spent on developing a tool for Machine Learning researchers and engineers.
This is a platform for visualizing connections and inheritance between Machine Learning models and their components.
Now it consists of ~500 ML methods. The purpose of its use is to generate new ideas, visualize and gain knowledge.  (Please do not use the mobile version to access it. Work in progress)
This project is community-driven. We want to make it better and motivate more peoples to add their models to the graph. More accurate information about methods and better visualization technologies can really make it a very useful tool. It will be a great help if you add some methods to the graph.

In the future, with community support, we can level up it and built the system which will recommend us how to extend research. For this scenario, we plan to give to users the ability to visualize their own knowledge, publicly or privately, irrespective of the main graph. For example, user can build a graph of all methods which he knows or even graph of one model components, and the system will recommend him the most useful paper or method.

It seems to me that even today this graph take a place to be because it probably allows someone to get associations that may help to create some new method or extend current. 

Please reply to the topic if you have any questions/suggestions.