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Digital twins in futuristic background created with

Digital Twins Beyond Their Modern Grip

Exploring the transformative power of digital twins, from personalized healthcare to sustainable urban planning. Dive into tomorrow’s tech revolution In the...
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Digital twins in futuristic background, digital art created with DALL-E

Digital Twins and Their Stealthy Grip on Modern Life

Unveiling Digital Twins: The silent tech shaping homes, transport, fitness, ride-sharing, agriculture and more. Dive into innovation’s unseen influence The innovation...
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A smart city made of pills vials and medical devices

The Unseen Skyline of Serialized Pharma

Unveiling the ‘Smart City’ of Life Sciences: Serialization is revolutionizing from pills to devices, ensuring visibility, compliance, and patient safety Serialization in the...
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Internet of Things IoT

Internet of Things and Clusit Report (part II)

There are basically five sectors that will benefit most, in terms of competitiveness, from IoT technology: – Industrial IoT (manufacturing, with...
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Norbert Biedrzycki smartcity blog

Google’s recent idea to move nearly every aspect of a city district�...

Until now, just about every time a conference devoted to smart cities offers examples of intelligent conurbations, it mentions areas in...
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The IoT is «an interconnected environment in which all kinds of objects have a digital presence and the ability to communicate with other objects and people»

Questions and strategic objectives of the IoT

The phenomenon of the Internet of Things is in full expansion, both for the multiplication of digital devices on the market...
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Smart City: How Startups Can Succeed

Self-driving cars that talk to roads and to each other, ensuring fast, safe and convenient  transportation. Energy generation and distribution that...
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