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Crypto & Real Estate, a Marriage Made in Heaven?

2018 was the year when ICOs died a death. With almost all projects being seriously affected by market conditions, a lack of funding, as well as a host of other issues, th…

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The Art of Building Embedded Systems for IoT

Within the landscape of Internet of Things (IoT), support is provided for communication among devices and protocol through means of wireless and LAN connectivity. Based …

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How does the Twitter Algorithm work & more...

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” ―Malcolm X
Let’s acquire that passport. For a daily dose on Tech…

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Lead generation starts from Day 1

The questions perplex marketers and entrepreneurs alike. How do you determine that a brand needs a leads advertisement? How do you measure the impact?

Fortunately, Wil…

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Know about green investments to repay debts and save the environment

Going green is a popular trend. The world is facing the imminent danger of global warming and the resulting destruction. Thus, countries are taking various measures to ke…

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Tether controversy rages on as Stocks break higher

Overall a good week for the Stocks & Cryptocurrencies with the mighty US Dollar receding from the recent highs on account of the risk-on sentiment prevalent in the fi…

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Doing Business in China: How to optimize your operations

China is a popular business hub for both local and foreign companies. Setting a physical presence in a country that offers many opportunities for your business operations…

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The Art of Platform Governance

The field of technology entails specific kinds of public and private relationships which might affect various groups within the society based on their power.  
To that …

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Innovation Alert: Blockchain 3.0, Terra Protocol, an ICO Portal & more

Despite the mundane price action in the Cryptocurrencies in the past few months, the technology hasn’t stopped evolving & thus the innovation hasn’t stalled. I am goi…

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The Importance of Cold Storage

The Quadriga CX scandal is a reminder of how important properly cold-storing your own crypto is.

The advent of cryptocurrencies brought with it a paradigm shift in…

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The Emergence of Decentralized Finance

The current global financial system has created enormous amounts of wealth for the people with resources, knowledge & access to the financial centers around the world…

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25 Self Improvement ways for a successful Life

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” ― Michel Legrand
Time to learn. For a daily dose on Technology, Finan…

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Schedulers keep social media on track

Busy people stick to systems if they want to hit and maintain peak efficiency. That’s the premise behind Tweepsmap and RentCompass, companies that help expedite data-dr…

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Swiss based ETP enters the Crypto trading market

Although there is hardly ever a dull moment in the financial market specially after the introduction of Cryptocurrencies, this week saw a little more meaningful market mo…

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An Algorithm for Happiness?

Is social media addiction worse than cigarettes?

From the very start, we thought that technology is making our lives better, faster, easier and practical. Social m…

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Top 10 Blockchain Courses

Eager to grow in blockchain? Do you want to learn how blockchain works but not sure where? Or there are just too many choices out there?

Don’t worry- we got you covere…

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Why Inclusive Wealth Index is a better measure of societal progress than GDP?

You don’t need to be an economic wizard or finance guru to know the definition of GDP. Even if you never took the ECON 101 class or have absolutely no inclination the fin…

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Data Driven Trends & Statistics — Feb. 2019

While the easiest way to look for visual content is to just “google” them, it would be much more convenient if you can find the data at one place & that is exactl…

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Economy is all about including people

Modeling, data and above all, people — Dr. Tayo Oyedeji mixes in all of these ingredients in his recipe for an all-inclusive economy.

“Economic inclusion, the opening…

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Another Engineered Global Economic Crisis Looming? Not if Our Data Economy Can Help it

The development of our DApp, called DECENTR, is currently progressing in lockstep with our R&D as part of our upcoming H2020 bids. This continues to excite significan…

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