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A pencil and watercolor drawing of a patient with a virtual reality headset receiving a surgery while immersed in a calming, relaxing environment

Virtual Reality Therapy for Brain-Powered Healing

Explore how research on placebo and virtual reality will transforming healthcare and natural healing For decades, clinical researchers have been fascinated by...
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The Power of 21

The Power of “21 Reasons” to Accomplish Your Goals

He was running out of time. Our client’s warehouse was in a rustbelt town, he needed to sell it and no...
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Use this tool to detect ChatGPT articles and text!

Blogging websites have recently been invaded by ChatGPT-written articles. They are everywhere. It’s worse than the plague! I see such articles...
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What are your real business problems?

The Problem You Think You Have is Often Not Your Problem

What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your business right now? I just posted this question on a small business...
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Group of People Having a Meeting

Private vs Public Investments: A closer look at the risks & reward...

I had left my business development position with a global multinational in the mobility sector after leading the growth of $0.5bn...
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Solana: The Good, The Bad and The Promising Future

Solana: The Good, The Bad and The Promising Future

Ever since second-generation blockchain networks came into existence, projects have kept popping up to offer decentralized networks that can host and...
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