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Encoder Decoder Sequences: How Long is Too Long?

In machine learning many times we deal with the input being a sequence and the output also a sequence. We call...
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Coronavirus; A- to Panic; Z between the lines

Chronology of frequent global pandemics The topics around Coronavirus; more precisely, COVID-19 has almost occupied the entire headlines of the news...
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Crisis? 3 Ways VCs Adapt

There is a global crisis going on as I write this article. It’s not the first, it won’t be the last....
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Entering data on a laptop

Data driven starts with data literacy

Just hearing the word “data” is intimidating. Being honest, only 21 percent of global workers are confident in their data literacy...
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How to Get People to Really Listen to You

There’s no magic 5 step formula. That might not be what you want to hear right now but trust me in...
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The Ethics Of Using AI In Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to any industry that manages a large amount of data, and in an increasingly interconnected...
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