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Python Microservices: A Modern Approach to App Development

Exploring Python microservices as an innovative strategy for app development. Table of Contents1. Introduction to Python Microservices2. Why Microservices are a...
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Mastering Technical Analysis For Stock Trading

Navigating the stock market with technical analysis Are you ready to dive into the fascinating world of stock trading?  If so,...
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How Credit Corp (ASX:CDA) Swallowed Its Biggest Competitor

Debt collection is risky business but pays off more for the financially astute  The pandemic struck debt collection companies hard. Their...
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Why Does Tech at ANZ (ASX:ANZ) Suck?

Hierarchy Stifles Agility If you read the ANZ auditor concerns, you’ll see that one of the issues is ANZ’s IT controls.  Read...
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Monetize, Don’t Just Optimize

Explore the transformative shift from mere business optimization to innovative value creation. Goods, services, and people as pivotal value enablers in...
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Homeowners Are Increasingly Unhappy: Do This to Avoid Their Mistakes

Can you imagine the impact that could have on your down payment or monthly mortgage? In fact, if you invest it...
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