Homeowners Are Increasingly Unhappy: Do This to Avoid Their Mistakes

3 min read

Can you imagine the impact that could have on your down payment or monthly mortgage? In fact, if you invest it at 10%, after 10 years, you’ll have a million dollars! Why should an achievement meant to bring joy become a burden? Sadly, that’s the reality of many people whose decision to get on the property ladder is literally keeping them up at night. According to several reports, many homeowners are unhappy with their decision. In fact, this article by cnbc revealed that 72% of recent homeowners have regrets about their purchases. They face various challenges and difficulties they didn’t anticipate…...

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Segun Ojediran I am a business strategist with over 10 years of experience, helping clients evaluate their business objectives and develop strategies to achieve them. I have expertise in analysing both internal and external business environments to solve problems, optimise performance, and create products with compelling value propositions that customers want. I also write about: * Entrepreneurship * Personal finance, and * Personal growth My goal is to empower you with insights to make quality decisions that will help you grow your business to the next level.