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How Smart Investors Use Alternative Intelligence Data to Discover Opportunities

Investors these days need all the edges they can get. Information is widely available, and there is no shortage of smart competitors ready to act quickly. Data analysis holds the key to unearthing value....
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Go To Market – 3 Ways Startups Can Hack It

At Tau we get 2,000+ decks per person per year. Many talk very well about the vision but often don’t talk enough about how they will get there. In fact, the number one gap...
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Fiscal Policy v. Monetary Policy

If you want to understand taxes, inflation, spending and interest rates, you should know the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy and the advantages and disadvantages of each. The emerging problem with inflation and...
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Due Diligence in Context

Over the past weeks, several of you asked me about the classification of the financial due diligence within an M&A transaction. So, let’s discuss this topic here. You may have heard or learned about the...
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What can Fix the London Stock Exchange’s ‘Dinosaur’ Image?

The prosperity of the London Stock Exchange has become increasingly essential to the economic wellbeing of the United Kingdom in the wake of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s for this reason that the...
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Convertible vs SAFE — 5 Practical Principles For Startups

Raising a round and considering whether to do convertible or SAFE? Remember that convertible is debt that turns into equity based on certain parameters and SAFE is a specific type of convertible. This is...
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One Question, Four Aspects

How to check if the business plan is integrated During your due diligence work in a M&A transaction, you will often have to perform a business plan review. Sometimes you will even set up a...
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California’s Department of Business Oversight Gets an Innovation Makeover

Absolute Resolutions Corporations President Mark Nieman and Actuate Law’s Lauren Valenzuela discuss CA’s new Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI), formerly known as California's Department...
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No place at the table without this one table

An introduction to cap tables “Our potential investors asked as to present the cap table. What is he/she looking for?” I’ve been asked this question occasionally in sessions with startups looking for funding. A cap table...
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Central Banks Will Issue Digital Currencies

Money continues to evolve in this new world of meme stocks and NFTs. Money is no longer just physical coins and paper bills, like old times, rather a large percentage of money is now...
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Top 8 Tips for Preventing Data Breaches

Personal data is one of the world's most significant resources, and its collection depicts no signs of slowing down. Providing personal information, even an email address, name, or mailing address, is important to receive...
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There are four different stages in a company’s life cycle

What’s the impact on financial analysis? A due diligence is boring because it’s always the same. It’s a standardized procedure. After you’ve done it ten times, you learned everything. That’s something, I hear from time to...
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Is Life Science industry healthy?

"Shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot" Anyone reading the news about Life Science companies would believe that everything is OK for them, with billions of dollars in revenue and cash on hand. The reality is that industry...
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How Do Bonds Work?

A friend of mine moved her 401K stocks into bonds at the end of last year because she thought a revolution was coming. While that assumption was not completely out of the realm of...
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Common? Preferred? Founder? Making Sense Of Startup Shares

1) Preferred vs Common Historically there have been two types of stock: preferred and common. Preferred is for investors, common for everyone else including founders. When a company has an exit, preferred gets paid...
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Horrible Mistake I Made by Emotional Investing

I broke the rule and ended up with financial losses. I started investing in 2017 and then I learned about this so-called blockchain technology. This is a technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and...
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Why We Invested In Klivo — Chronic Disease Management Platform

Excited to announce our investment alongside Valor Capital in the R$ 45M ($8M) series A of Klivo which provides a chronic disease management platform, starting with diabetes and Brazil. Tau Ventures is an AI-first...
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So Your VC Wants To Invest More? 5 Practical Tips For Entrepreneurs

If your VC wants to invest more in you then you have a good problem in your hands. Here are five practical ways to think about it. 1) Prorata (and Super Prorata) A prorata is the...
online payment gateway

How Online Payment Gateway System Is Future Of Finance

The financial services landscape has undergone a huge transformation in recent years; and, ‘payments’ is one such area that has seen accelerated growth. With the cashless payment trend, consumers are now making transactions through...
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What is Up With These Mega Rounds? Making Sense Of The Startup Market

$530M round: Snyk snags another $530M as valuation rises to $8.5B $400M round: Cityblock Health raises another mega-round of funding, tipping its valuation over $5 billion $130M round: TrueLayer raises mega-round as open banking heats up These...