Gediminas Rickevičius Gediminas Rickevičius, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs For over 13 years, Gediminas Rickevicius has been a force of growth for leading information technology, advertising and logistics companies around the globe. He has been changing the traditional approach to business development by integrating big data into strategic decision-making. As a Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs, Gediminas continues his mission to empower businesses with state-of-art public web data gathering solutions.


5 Stories by Gediminas Rickevičius

Using Alternative Data to Observe Fiscal Policy

One of the most pronounced unintended effects of monetary and fiscal policy is response lag. When changing their approach to policy, central banks usually...
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Sentiment Analysis: How Businesses Extract Feelings From Data

Sentiment analysis is a methodology that extracts feelings, moods, opinions, and other types of subjective information from data. Also known as “opinion mining”, it...
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Measuring Consumer Expectations in Ecommerce

In 2021, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) released a paper, supporting their newly minted measure of inflation – the Price Sentiment Index (PSI). Breaking...
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Building a Product Value Predictor

It’s no secret that, at least in ecommerce, companies constantly monitor each other for any potential way to generate additional revenue. Data applications like...
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Tap Into the Power of Investor Sentiment with Web Scraping

Markets are increasingly volatile, owing to various reasons ranging from economic events to purely technical factors. Investor sentiment is another critical factor that moves...
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