Sentiment Analysis: A Critical Link Enabling the Smart Cities of the Future

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city nights

Roughly 4.4 billion, or 56% of the world’s population, live in cities, making them some of the most interesting, exciting, and dynamic places to be. At the same time, coordinating services for millions of people can be a constant challenge for policymakers and public institutions.  Today’s global cities require extensive connectivity to optimize service delivery with established links between resources, operations, and citizens. Modern technology enables those connections with the help of sensors, mobile applications, and IoT-connected devices, thus allowing urban planners to capture data, manage resources, deploy services, and improve operations.   Smart cities rely on data-powered technology Cities started…...

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Gediminas Rickevičius Gediminas Rickevičius, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs. For over 13 years, Gediminas Rickevicius has been a force of growth for leading information technology, advertising and logistics companies around the globe. He has been changing the traditional approach to business development by integrating big data into strategic decision-making. As a Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs, Gediminas continues his mission to empower businesses with state-of-art public web data gathering solutions.