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What’s Next for Darktrace? Can DARK Snap Out of its LSE Freefall in 2022?

Darktrace had been billed as a success story after its April 2021 listing on the London Stock Exchange accelerated 98.48% within five months to a peak price of 985p. However, questions over the company’s...
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Robotics In Life Science — A Hidden Gem For Startups (Part 1 of 2)

Tau Ventures focuses on AI investments in healthcare and enterprise, but we are also fascinated by automation and very occasionally invest in that space. Case in point Elemental Machines which provides Lab as a...
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Data: It takes a village, but the buck has to stop somewhere

I’ve said many times: too often, an existing function implicitly assumes data responsibilities in organizations that struggle with data management (for example, in this post here). Usually, this is either the technology function or...
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Snap Acquires NextMind: where brain interface meets augmented reality

Last week we were informed of the information that Snap has acquired NextMind, a brain-interface device manufacturer (see also in RoadToVR). This is another step in a long chain of cross acquisitions between AR and Brain HCI....
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Skills-Based Learning Is On The Rise And Here’s Why

While traditional formal education in the US has continued to thrive, changes are occurring to better meet system demands. While in some parts of the world, formal education is intended to develop citizens as evidenced...
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Web3: The Power of a Permissionless Developer Platform

Over the decades, software creation has moved from mainframes, to servers, to the cloud: all major steps toward programming ease and freedom. And yet developers are still dependent on costly infrastructure to make their...
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VR Technology to Reinvent Social Media Experience

The COVID-19 epidemic is the most recent cause to change many businesses' marketing perceptions, prompting them to turn to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as solutions that allow customers to interact with...
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How Will Regulations Affect Crypto And Could It Be The End Of Digital Currency?

With the recent market volatility, regulations for cryptocurrencies are coming. These new regulations could be some of the most important changes for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, changing the landscape of online digital currencies for...
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How Smart Investors Use Alternative Intelligence Data to Discover Opportunities

Investors these days need all the edges they can get. Information is widely available, and there is no shortage of smart competitors ready to act quickly. Data analysis holds the key to unearthing value....
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Data and the Meaning of Life According to Monty Python

What does “life” mean for data, and why should anyone care? I’ve been insistent that neither the technology nor the analytics function manages the entire lifecycle of data and how that creates a critical gap,...
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Can Space Tourism be a Business?

The race between private space companies is becoming intense. It is clear that there will be a substantial amount of economic value within the private space industry. Starlink is a perfect example of this....
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How Blockchain is Being Embraced in COVID-Era NYC

The past two years have given way to significant changes in information technology and the way New Yorkers trade information, but few are making as big of an entrance as the way blockchain is...
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California’s Department of Business Oversight Gets an Innovation Makeover

Absolute Resolutions Corporations President Mark Nieman and Actuate Law’s Lauren Valenzuela discuss CA’s new Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI), formerly known as California's Department...
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The anti EV lobby: Why are they wrong?

Okay, so…they have a point. The reality is that building electric cars currently produces more pollution than building gasoline-powered cars. This has been stated by Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers themselves, like Tesla. The higher emissions...
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Central Banks Will Issue Digital Currencies

Money continues to evolve in this new world of meme stocks and NFTs. Money is no longer just physical coins and paper bills, like old times, rather a large percentage of money is now...
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How Low Code Platforms changed the course of traditional software development

Low-code is mandatory tech development that is replacing traditional software development. Organizations are shifting fast to integrate Low-code with the existing business systems. It's an operation to eliminate stagnation and improve business operations. Traditional...
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Frequently Asked Questions about DDIMario

What is DDIMario about? DDIMario is a community-driven application for users to “get stuff done”. It is especially useful when a user wants to get comments on articles, comments/claps/follow/sharing of social postings, etc. How does it...
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I think I’m responsible for data… am I?

It’s more times than I can count on one hand. A business or technology leader tells me they have a lot of good data they want to leverage. In the same breath, he/she tells...
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Why We Invested In Nilo Saúde – Connecting With Your Patients

  Excited to announce our investment alongside Global Founders Capital, Softbank, Maya Capital, Canary, 10K Ventures and Grão in the oversubscribed $10M series A of Nilo Saúde which is building an integrated relationship management and...
Credit Card Processing

Top 8 Tips for Preventing Data Breaches

Personal data is one of the world's most significant resources, and its collection depicts no signs of slowing down. Providing personal information, even an email address, name, or mailing address, is important to receive...