AI will make studying much more efficient. And a hell. When you think about it for only a minute, it will...
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Peloton IPO: Some factors investors should consider

In late August, connected bike and treadmill company Peloton – described as the “Netflix of exercise” – filed paperwork to go...
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Artificial Intelligence

5 Critical Success Factors for AI Projects

With more users getting on to the internet, there’s a noticeable rise in searches for growth prospects. And one such bubble...
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Will Cryptos Replace Fiat Currencies In The Long Run?

The latest market capitalization data on Coin market cap shows that the over 2,000 listed Cryptocurrencies have a combined value of...
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Time We Talked to Our Machines

We talk to our machines more and more often: the smartphones, computers and digital assistants on our desks. Are keyboards, and...
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Alexa, Tell Me Where You’re Going Next

While there have been occasions where customers have had trust issues with Amazon’s Alexa, virtual assistants like that one (and others)...
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Security systems

How to Prevent Insider Data Breaches at your Business

Security systems are installed within the premise of a workplace to avoid any external threats to the business. People often neglect...
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3 React Concepts Which Can Be Forgotten

React has evolved over the years and some concepts were replaced by better ones. 1. Using classes Every time we wanted...
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories August, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship August, 2019 Deep Learning Techniques for Text Classification By...
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personal branding

Tech Injects Data Into Branding

Social media is abuzz with “personal branding,” but identity creation stretches far even when the internet is disconnected. People want to...
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Soft Data

Soft Data

I’ve written previously about the Noösphere and the ever-wonderful ways by which humanity is collecting, organizing and distributing information throughout the...
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Why Invest in Technology for Business Growth and Development

A whopping 85% of decision-makers in business believe they have less than two years to integrate digital initiatives before competitors overtake...
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