Artificial Intelligence and the new frontiers of “brainsourcing”

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AI and imaging recognition

Towards the technological singularity? Alan Turing, father of Artificial Intelligence, already in 1937 asked himself: «but can machines think?». The phenomenon of AI, which is nothing more than the simulation of human intelligence through computer systems, is constantly growing, also because of the infinite patrimony of data collected, which we have at our disposal in the present age, and which was missing in the studies of previous decades. According to Ray Kurzweil, world-renowned scientist and Google guru, as well as author of the book “The singularity is near”, machines in 2029 will be like human minds, in 2045 we should…...

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Raffaella Aghemo Innovative Lawyer and Business Consultant, and recently Co-Founder of IUSINTECH Team, Raffaella has worked as the director of a communications agency for many years. A legal soul lent to marketing and business, she has made this combination of skills her strong point! She writes legal insights in her specializations (IP, innovation technology, communication, blockchain). Actually, she's following a blockchain development project in the luxury sector. She loves reading, writing, and movies.