Olegs Jemeljanovs, PhD, CFA

  A seasoned professional in the field of financial markets, investments and economic analysis with the crucial mix of private and public sector experience (large international lenders, private boutique banks, ministry of finance, central bank, financial regulator). Able to cover macroeconomic and microeconomic trends, short-term market moves and long-term economic cycles, the role of biology and psychology in finance. Have held both front-office, sales and analytical positions. If you want complex economic, financial, political, historical, sociological and psychological concepts to be explained in a simple and accessible way then you have certainly found the right website. If your consider the sense of humor to be important then you have definitely found the right man.


9 Stories by Olegs Jemeljanovs, PhD, CFA

In the Long Run Long-Term Government Bonds Are Safe, But We Are a Long Time Dead

Earlier in the year the Swiss National Bank, Switzerland’s central bank, released its latest report. While reading the news covering the bank’s financial results,...
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Economics = Mathematics + Psychology or My Psychological New Year Wishes

I am an economist-mathematician by training. Therefore, I know that mathematical equations can describe qualitative economic relationships pretty well. That’s the beauty of mathematics:...
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The World Cup as a Financial Markets Training Course

Many of those involved in the world of financial markets often compare it to sports. Both activities deliver a lot of emotions, both positive...
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Are You Ready to Fall in Love with AI? Investing in Our Increasingly Lonely Lives

We are living increasingly lonely lives. If you can feel it without relying on any hard data, your feelings are real and valid. In...
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A Lottery Ticket to the “Green World”: A Deeper Look into the “Green Transition”

The transition towards a “green economy” has so often been discussed recently at all levels that one would imagine it is difficult to add...
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September Blues: The Role of Statistics and Psychology in Financial Markets

September has arrived. For market participants it is not only the time to return to their offices after summer vacation, but also the time...
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How to Become Rich the Swiss Way: Applying Macroeconomics and Geopolitics to Your Life and Financial Strategy

The currency market, also known as the foreign exchange market, has recently reached a significant milestone with the exchange rate of the Swiss franc...
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Eurovision, King Dollar, Bitcoin, and Other Victims of Popularity

To be honest, I have never watched the Eurovision Song Contest. For our readers living outside Europe, I can explain that Eurovision is an...
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The Gold Standard, the Golden Jubilee, and the Role of Gold in an Investment Portfolio

It came as no surprise to me that in today’s information-saturated world the jubilee of one of the most important economic events of the last...
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