Robotic Process Automation

Robotics- A Business Perspective

A navigation from conventional to a new business experience! One fine day you are walking in a park with your little...
blank Balakrishna V
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Supp-LIE Chain: How IoT is delivering TRUTH

Featuring interviews with industry experts in automation and logistics on the innovations that increase accuracy and efficiency: Aid Equipment, Hollingsworth, Leaf...
blank Josh Miramant
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Investing in disruptive technology made easy

Researching and doing your due diligence to find 10 baggers that could dominate future industries can be tough. The tech giants...
blank Ashain Perera
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AI and imaging recognition

Artificial Intelligence and the new frontiers of “brainsourcing”

Towards the technological singularity? Alan Turing, father of Artificial Intelligence, already in 1937 asked himself: «but can machines think?». The phenomenon...
blank Raffaella Aghemo
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Artificial Intelligence and GDPR

AI and recents GDPR compliant regulations

The algorithm is that set of rules to follow in the resolution of calculations, of computer type, that is a sequence...
blank Raffaella Aghemo
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IoT Healthcare

Internet of Things in Healthcare Industry

As the diffusion of connected devices proceeds, with the decentralization of the network, with the use of new predictive technologies, such...
blank Raffaella Aghemo
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Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with RPA and Process Intelligence

Look around you, Robotic Process Automation isn’t just some far-fetched concept of the future. Digital leaders are adopting RPA to streamline...
blank Ryan Raiker
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