Investing in disruptive technology made easy

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Researching and doing your due diligence to find 10 baggers that could dominate future industries can be tough. The tech giants who are dominating the indices now would have never been identified using traditional valuation metrics. To identify true outliers early, an investor needs to have sufficient conviction before the broad market identifies it. Picking winners by projecting their future growth and valuations can be risky for the individual investor. But there are ways around it. Enter ARK invest If you lack the time in doing the mind-bending research that needs to be done before identifying an industry-disrupting company at…...

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aperera Ashain is a Civil engineering graduate from Swinburne university with a passion for fitness and finance. He is currently working as a quality engineer for Bombardier and invests his time in research within the financial sector and the broader economy. Addicted to books, podcasts and learning.