2020 Development choices for multi-platform SaaS application

7 min read

I am currently working on a new project for my company. The project consists of a mobile app that is backed by a server; a very standard setup for SaaS projects. In this article, I want to discuss the different available development options to implement the project. I know how much these projects are popular today, so I hope this summarized research can help you get started fast with the right choice. This assessment process should be done before starting a new project. The depth of the process (and how much of your time it consumes) should be relative to…...

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Eyal Yoli Abbas Co-founder and a CTO at FocalPoint Digital. Responsible for all technological solutions given to serve small businesses in the modern world of social media presence. I previously worked as a software engineer officer at C4I corps of IDF. Got years of experience in leading a team of data engineers making a big data platform for cybersecurity analysis. Did IDF-wide product management, software architecture, systems integrations, network engineering, and developing organizational software standards. Worked with complex and critical systems, and was apart of different POC for emerging solutions in the IDF. I am a technology enthusiast and I love software development. I continuously develop software with the latest technologies, from full-stack, mobile to cloud, and IoT.