Ayşe Kübra Kuyucu

  I'm a data scientist, technical writer, and Python developer with a unique passion for combining data science with the fields of psychology and religion.


5 Stories by Ayşe Kübra Kuyucu

Python Microservices: A Modern Approach to App Development

Exploring Python microservices as an innovative strategy for app development. Table of Contents1. Introduction to Python Microservices2. Why Microservices are a Modern Approach3. Building...
11 min read 621

Python Parallel Processing: Accelerating Computations for Data Scientists

Explore how Python’s parallel processing can accelerate data science computations, understand its benefits, limitations, and practical applications. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Parallel...
3 min read 173

Algorithmic Trading with Python: The New Gold Rush of 2023?

Exploring Python’s role in the burgeoning field of algorithmic trading Table of Contents1. Introduction to Algorithmic Trading2. The Rise of Algorithmic Trading in 20233....
10 min read 690

What You Need to Start a Career in Software Development with No Background

A true career change story and essential requirements I married a mining engineer 3 years ago. Before we married, he told me he needed...
5 min read 163

Mastering Missing Data: Your Guide to Handling NaNs Like a Pro

Uncover strategies for managing missing data, preserving data integrity, and enhancing decision-making Table of Contents1. Embracing the Missing Puzzle Pieces2. The Impact of Missing...
9 min read 113