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Cancer And Startups – 7 Principles For The Next 10 Years

RockHealth supports digital health startups and their latest quarterly update suggests the VC dollars in the sector doubled and then doubled again. In other words, 2020 was a huge increase and doubled 2019 and...
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Why We Invested In Sound Health – Personalized Allergy Relief

Excited to announce our investment in the $2M seed alongside TechU Ventures and Rhythm Ventures into Sound Health, which uses acoustic resonance to provide nasal relief. Tau Ventures is an AI-first fund in Silicon...
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Why We Invested In Marigold Health — Substance Abuse / Mental Health Platform

Excited to announce our investment alongside KdT, Epsilon, Flare and Felicis in the $3.5M seed extension of Marigold Health. They use AI-augmented chat support groups to reach and retain patients with behavioral health needs...
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Why We Invested In Klivo — Chronic Disease Management Platform

Excited to announce our investment alongside Valor Capital in the R$ 45M ($8M) series A of Klivo which provides a chronic disease management platform, starting with diabetes and Brazil. Tau Ventures is an AI-first...
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Why We Invested In Signos – Weight Loss Built For You

  Excited to announce the $13M series A led by GV in Signos, which helps you lose weight through continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Tau Ventures had first invested alongside Courtside Ventures and in the...
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At-Home Testing for COVID-19

The currently available vaccines do not prevent a person from becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2. They give your immune system an introduction to the virus so that your immune system can respond using both parts:...
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Living in Denial with Indifference to Others

Using vaccines to prevent disease is not new, and neither is opposition and fear to being vaccinated. Republicans decided to use a pandemic and more than 600,000 American deaths to maintain their grip on...
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Digital Health 2.0? The Next Generation Of Startup Business Models

At Tau Ventures, these are three principles we continue holding as generally true: i) In healthcare typical sales cycle to get a true recurring contract are 9-18 months ii) Once you get a contract it’s hard...
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Improving Patient care must be part of every Electronic Health Record (EHR) System

But, only a Few EHRs were designed to enhance Patient care — or flat fulfill the needs of Medical Doctors Electronic health record usability points to the later technology’s standing to drive medical practices efficiently...
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Medicine, Paperwork And How Startups Can Help

If images speak a thousand words the following ones will illustrate the point resoundingly. A) We spend more on healthcare as a % of our GDP than other comparable countries: B) Higher administrative costs is very...
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Contemporary Healthcare needs an Open Free Market Access

A marketplace, also called a market, is a business setting where the public gathers together to carry out the trade of provisions and goods. The history of the market is a centuries-old concept. It...
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Who Cares for Healthcare? Facing the Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges

Since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%. It is not surprising, that the healthcare industry was one of the most vulnerable ones to cyberattacks in 2020 and 2021. In fact,...
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Why We Invested In HeyRenee - Personal Health Assistant

Excited to announce our investment alongside Quiet Capital, Mucker Capital, Fika Ventures, Global Founders Capital, SaaS Ventures and Founders First in the $3.8M seed round of HeyRenee — your personal care concierge. HeyRenee is a first-ever...
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Why We Invested In Banjo Health – Simplifying Medical Paperwork Through AI

  Excited to announce our investment alongside Epsilon Health Investors in the $5M series A in Banjo Health which employs artificial intelligence in prior authorization (PA) i.e., reduces medical paperwork. Tau Ventures is an AI-first...
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Why We Invested In Teiko — Mapping Immune Profiles To Improve Clinical Outcomes

Excited to announce our seed investment in, which calculates an immune fingerprint for each person. Tau Ventures is an AI-first fund in Silicon Valley investing primarily in mature seed, typically when there is...
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Why We Invested In — High Quality Telemedicine

Excited to announce our seed investment alongside, Refactor Capital and Esther Dyson in which helps reduce variability and increase quality of telehealth consultations. Tau Ventures is an AI-first fund in Silicon Valley...
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No Needles? The Breakthrough Innovation Of Measuring Blood Sugar Non-Invasively

BBC Nov 19, 2018: Google halts glucose-sensing contact lens project Engadget Jan 12, 2021: Startup claims its new wearable can monitor blood sugar without needles 9To5Mac Jan 25, 2021: Apple Watch blood sugar measurement coming in...
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Today’s Continuity of Medical Care Lacks a Personal Touch

Continuity of Medical Care must be on Patient terms with the full understanding of the Procedure Providing Medical care for a patient is more than just offering options and tools to heal them. Every patient’s...
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Physicians: The Culture of Complainers

The Black Hat thinking Attitude is not working in Favor of Physicians, after All! In general, and by nature, physicians are Black Hat thinkers because they tend to stare at a decision’s potentially negative consequences...
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Meeting Healthcare Enterprise demand by Hybridizing Blockchain and MongoDB

Added peek at the Utility of Centralized in conjunction with a Robust Decentralized medical Practice Systems Blockchain is a relatively novel decentralized or distributed data ledger system. Instead of banking health information in a single...