Ken Shuler Ken Shuler is an entrepreneur, investor, connector, strategist, writer, and speaker, driven by a passion for business. He has proven to be a versatile leader with extensive experience collaborating with global leaders and teams. Ken Shuler’s professional journey extends to noteworthy experiences with the World’s Finest Chocolate company, where, under his leadership, the company achieved a record success. This includes reaching approximately $100 million in annual sales revenue, which at the time marked the highest figure in its 50-year history since its establishment. In addition to his contributions to business, Ken has made a significant impact through his active participation in the non-profit sector. His outstanding communication skills and leadership have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in these accomplishments.


2 Stories by Ken Shuler

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What is Red-Light Therapy and Why Are So Many People Raving About It

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