Clean Code is Crucial in Software Development — Here’s Why

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Clean code is “easy to understand and easy to change”, it’s about attention to detail. But why should developers worry about code fitting that description if their programs seem to be getting the job done? For developers whom producing clean code is a part of the way they operate, when it comes time to assemble complex software, it’s those developers who have the skills and the ability to overcome any hurdles. Complexity is manageable for them. Working with a real-world application requires programmers to deal with large amounts of data, which means it’s essential to write well-structured, quality code. If…...

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Karina Pichardo Karina lives in NYC and is passionate about technology. Karina studied Computer Science in high school and worked as a Web Developer. She’s fascinated by computer programming and loves learning and researching. She continues to pursue her curiosity within the tech field.