AI’s Big Secret

When artificial intelligence was in its infancy, it was anticipated that someday it would function without human prescription. Several decades later,...
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What Are the Advantages of AI Chatbots in the Education Field?

Every student has their learning speed. Some can learn fast, while others may need time to comprehend the lesson and move...
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4 Habits to be a Better Data Scientist in 2023

4 habits to improve your programming skills in 2023: wake up early, exercise regularly, and practice meditation. Increase focus, reduce stress,...
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close-up photography of red car

These Are The Reasons Why Tesla Stock (TSLA) Is A Buy Right Now

Legendary value investor Warren Buffett once said, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” My parents...
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white and black car in front of white building during daytime

Propulsion Wars: Combustion vs. Electrification

Photo by Precious Madubuike on Unsplash The Battle for Transportation Supremacy The State of Play Electric cars are the future. This has been the mantra...
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The Evolving Role Of The Doctor

The pandemic has catalyzed technology adoption within healthcare, and thus indirectly, has accelerated the evolution of physicians’ role within medicine and...
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The World Cup as a Financial Markets Training Course

Many of those involved in the world of financial markets often compare it to sports. Both activities deliver a lot of...
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DeFi explodes as CeFi falls

DeFi Will Always Be Better Than CeFi – and FTX Just Proved It

The fall of FTX has prompted other industry players to come up with on-chain proof of reserve – publicly declaring wallet...
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Only a cyborg deserves to live for ever

The dream of eternal life keeps returning like a boomerang, popping up in various configurations of narratives embedded in the culture....
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Benefits and Challenges of Tokenisation of Real-World Assets

Presently, a great segment of global wealth is locked in illiquid assets. However, the emergence of asset tokenisation could fundamentally change...
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Essential Strategy For Big Data

Machines complement humans. Data is multifaceted, and making sense of it demands a fresh approach with ancient roots “Mega biblia, mega kakon”...
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Classification Task with 6 Different Algorithms using Python

Here are 6 classification algorithms to predict mortality with Heart Failure; Random Forest, Logistic Regression, KNN, Decision Tree, SVM, and Naive...
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