Audrey Nesbitt

  Audrey Nesbitt is an accomplished leader and strategist in the WEB3, NFT, DeFi arenas, entrepreneur, writer, restaurateur, and proud core member of CryptoChicks, a non-profit, global educational hub founded to empower and inspire women and youth interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.


8 Stories by Audrey Nesbitt

The Evolution of the Carbon Credit Market with Blockchain Technology: Opportunities and Challenges

The evolving landscape of environmental conservation is witnessing a significant shift with the distinct roles of blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). While blockchain technology...
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Unveiling the Explosive Power of the Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Game-Changer for Women Leaders

So, you’ve got the mind of an entrepreneur, huh? That’s like holding a sparkler on the Fourth of July – a mix of excitement...
3 min read 170

Unveiling a Wiser Bet: Why Investing in Women’s Sports Trumps Crypto

In the intricate fabric of investments, while the appeal of high-risk, high-reward ventures like cryptocurrency remains undeniable, the enduring and sustainable returns promised by...
2 min read 138

A Glimpse into WEB3’s Future: 10 Bold Predictions for 2028, Including Mass Adoption and Presidential Boredom

Buckle up and prepare for a hilarious journey as we fast-forward to the year 2028, where WEB3 has taken the world by storm amidst...
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Generative AI: The Future of Marketing and Its Implications for Businesses

What is Generative AI? Generative AI is a type of machine learning that involves creating new content or data based on a set of...
5 min read 423

Solana: The Good, The Bad and The Promising Future

Ever since second-generation blockchain networks came into existence, projects have kept popping up to offer decentralized networks that can host and run applications (dApps)....
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DeFi Will Always Be Better Than CeFi – and FTX Just Proved It

The fall of FTX has prompted other industry players to come up with on-chain proof of reserve – publicly declaring wallet addresses that show...
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How to Analyze Liquidity Pools and Other Factors to Avoid Being a Victim of Rug Pulls

Rug pull is a term that everyone dreads in the crypto sphere. It is one of several scams that is used in the crypto...
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