Unveiling a Wiser Bet: Why Investing in Women’s Sports Trumps Crypto

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Explore parallels between women's sports & crypto investment. Insights on growth, engagement, and potential. Elevate women's sports investment.

In the intricate fabric of investments, while the appeal of high-risk, high-reward ventures like cryptocurrency remains undeniable, the enduring and sustainable returns promised by women’s sports demand recognition. Destiny Washington, an Associate Manager at Wasserman’s The Collective, recently authored an insightful piece on TechCrunch titled “Women’s sports investment deserves equal consideration as tech.” In this article, Washington delves into a captivating comparison. She paints a hypothetical scenario where the value of women’s sports leagues, initially estimated at an impressive $32 billion, takes a plunge to an $8 billion deficit. This vivid illustration triggers contemplation on the potential outcomes of such…...

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Audrey Nesbitt Audrey Nesbitt is an accomplished leader and strategist in the WEB3, NFT, DeFi arenas, entrepreneur, writer, restaurateur, and proud core member of CryptoChicks, a non-profit, global educational hub founded to empower and inspire women and youth interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.