Solana: The Good, The Bad and The Promising Future

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Solana: The Good, The Bad and The Promising Future

Ever since second-generation blockchain networks came into existence, projects have kept popping up to offer decentralized networks that can host and run applications (dApps). Developers behind each project tout their offering as an Ethereum killer, a term loosely used to donate that the project’s blockchain network will rival and beat the original second-generation network. For most of these, they do not come anywhere near to the success of Ethereum. Seldom come close. Solana almost did. Solana: The Good The brainchild of ex-Qualcomm executive Anatoly Yakovenko, the idea was conceived for the network in 2017 when the whitepaper came out. Yakovenko…...

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Audrey Nesbitt Audrey Nesbitt is an accomplished leader and strategist in the WEB3, NFT, DeFi arenas, entrepreneur, writer, restaurateur, and proud core member of CryptoChicks, a non-profit, global educational hub founded to empower and inspire women and youth interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.