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Ethereum Merge: Price Prediction

The cryptocurrency Ethereum is about to receive a critical update, and now the release date has been set for September 19....
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The Role Of Cryptocurrency In Today’s Economy And Its Future Imp...

It’s safe to say that cryptocurrency has already become a major part of the finance industry. Cryptocurrencies are paving new ways...
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Open Startups and Collective Business Models in Open Source

An analysis of the role sound crypto economies may play in open-source development In this piece, I propose a framework to...
blank Julian Molina
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Will The Metaverse’s Investment Hype Die Out?

The metaverse continues to trend in 2022. On the back of a long-term lockdown and Covid-19’s push for global digital transformation,...
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12 NFT Projects Changing the NFT Space in 2022

Take a detailed look at twelve investment-worthy NFT projects in 2022. Here, I’ve embedded every project’s important information to help make...
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Web3: The Power of a Permissionless Developer Platform

Over the decades, software creation has moved from mainframes, to servers, to the cloud: all major steps toward programming ease and...
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How Will Regulations Affect Crypto And Could It Be The End Of Digital ...

With the recent market volatility, regulations for cryptocurrencies are coming. These new regulations could be some of the most important changes...
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How Blockchain is Being Embraced in COVID-Era NYC

The past two years have given way to significant changes in information technology and the way New Yorkers trade information, but...
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Central Banks Will Issue Digital Currencies

Money continues to evolve in this new world of meme stocks and NFTs. Money is no longer just physical coins and...
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The Revolution Will Be Optimized: Welcome to the World of Web 3

James Perillo of talks about the impending Web 3 revolution, including its implications for users, companies and regulators. Web 1.0...
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Fauna’s Off-Chain Data Storage For DApps

The blockchain landscape has seen tremendous growth due to the emergence of decentralized applications or DApps. These are applications built on top of Layer...
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Blockchain IoT – Making Them Work Together

Blockchain has the potential to convert Internet of Things into Internet of Trusted Things. But some challenges need to be addressed...
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