Martin Bernecker I have been working in the software and technology industry for 18 years. I worked for leading companies such as SAP and Accenture for many years before starting and running my own consulting company for 9 years, which I sold in 2021. Since 2017, I have been working intensively on blockchain technology and its implications. A main focus of the work revolves around the business perspective and the use cases of Blockchain technology in a corporate context.


4 Stories by Martin Bernecker

Overview Asset Tokenization Platforms

Market analyses show that tokenization is one of the most important trends of 2023. Billions of dollars of assets will be tokenized in the...
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Status of Tokenization - is anything really happening here?

The size of the tokenization market The global tokenization market is considered by many analysts, along with artificial intelligence, to be one of the...
5 min read 188

Investment in Tokenized Assets - how to find the right assets

Creating Transparency in a Trillion Dollar Market The tokenization market is expected to become a trillion-dollar market in the next few years, according to numerous...
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Successful Blockchain & Crypto Investment — The enterprise perspective is essential

Introduction Any new technology is only successful if it is used and deployed. And not by a few, but by many. So-called mass adoption....
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