Successful Blockchain & Crypto Investment — The enterprise perspective is essential

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Crypto Investments

Introduction Any new technology is only successful if it is used and deployed. And not by a few, but by many. So-called mass adoption. One example was the emerging Internet economy in the last 20 years. Source: Global Macro Investor This will also apply to crypto and blockchain technology. In order to be able to correctly classify possible investments in the blockchain/crypto area, it is therefore helpful to view the whole thing from a professional business IT perspective. After all, it is precisely in this area that the introduction and implementation take place. Without implementation, there can be no mass…...

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Martin Bernecker I have been working in the software and technology industry for 18 years. I worked for leading companies such as SAP and Accenture for many years before starting and running my own consulting company for 9 years, which I sold in 2021. Since 2017, I have been working intensively on blockchain technology and its implications. A main focus of the work revolves around the business perspective and the use cases of Blockchain technology in a corporate context.