Yasmita Kumar

  I am a writer and have been writing about various topics over many years now. I enjoy writing about my hobbies which include technology and its impact on our everyday life. Professionally I write about Technology and have a keen interest in how it is implemented in news ways.


7 Stories by Yasmita Kumar

Will AI Become The Most Loved or Hated Technology?

One can’t deny that artificial intelligence is a topic of discussion for many. This is partly because AI has been all over the media...
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The Role Of Cryptocurrency In Today’s Economy And Its Future Impact

It’s safe to say that cryptocurrency has already become a major part of the finance industry. Cryptocurrencies are paving new ways of doing business...
3 min read 335

How Will Regulations Affect Crypto And Could It Be The End Of Digital Currency?

With the recent market volatility, regulations for cryptocurrencies are coming. These new regulations could be some of the most important changes for cryptocurrency enthusiasts...
3 min read 395

A look at why cryptocurrencies will not take over fiat currencies

Cryptocurrencies are the newest form of currency that have attempted to take over fiat currencies. However, they have many shortcomings that will prohibit them...
2 min read 277

Can bitcoin go green?

There is no denying that investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is, at this moment in time, one of the most attractive and lucrative...
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Mobile network O2 launch UK’s first driverless car lab testing driverless cars using 5G and satellite technology

Over time, technology has gone from strength to strength. Not only have we successfully made it to the moon, we now have a space...
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Is the Coronavirus pandemic reshaping blockchain and how can the tech help tackle the virus

The current coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Industry events such as crypto conferences have been cancelled and...
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