When Blockchain Meets Fashion: Use Cases and Insights

7 min read

In the heart of the fashion capital of Italy, during the Milano Fashion Week, a unique gathering took place. The web3xfashion meetup was an intimate invited-only event that explained the potential influence of Blockchain technologies on the fashion industry. We had a four-hour-long discussion between experts from fashion industry, web3 developers and solution designers. I must say that the conference had a very friendly atmosphere, where participants and speakers were eager to share and speak about their experiences. It reminded me how much I missed meetups, conferences, and Hackathons, and to the importance of face-to-face social interactions. Here is my…...

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Shachar Oz User experience oriented product owner with implementation skill-set. Passionate about bridging business goals with product identity. Extensive background in agile development cycle from prototype to release in both startup environment and corporate one. Hold an MBA for supercars and motorsports, and works in the italian automotive industry. Runs a consulting agency and augments innovation teams in the path-finding towards the right product. An invited speaker about effectively using game mechanics, emergent technologies, and designing engaging experiences. Teaches about entrepreneurship, user experience and discovering innovation, fast prototyping with Unity3D, robotics, and gamification.